More women becoming breadwinners

More women are the breadwinner in their household

There has been a rise in the number of women who claim they are the main breadwinner in their household, the latest data shows.

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Factor super into your financial goals

Are you saving for your retirement?

A study finds people are more likely to accept $200 in cash than go in search of thousands of dollars of missing superannuation.

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Spend and save wisely to get onto the property ladder

Time to get serious about buying property

Getting onto the property ladder is a life goal for many people, but you’ll need to take some proactive steps to make sure your finances are in check.

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Do you understand your credit card?

Using credit cards to your advantage

Using credit cards effectively can help your money management, but only if you know what you’re doing.

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Need to get out of a debt cycle?

Time to eliminate your debt

Relying on debt can be a difficult situation to get out of, so it’s important to recognise the problems and get your financial management in check.

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Could work be the key to a healthy life balance?

How does your work-life balance stack up?

Going to work could be just what you need to get your life and stress levels on track, researchers find.

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Improve communication with your kids

Open up lines of communication with your children

It may sometimes seem that your children don’t listen, so it’s essential to open up lines of communication wherever possible.

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Financial stress looks set to worsen

Could your financial stress spiral out of control?

People throughout Australia should expect to see their financial security put under greater strain over the coming months, a report has shown.

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5 signs it’s time to find a new job

Is it time for a new job?

Striking a work-life balance is high on the agenda for many people living in Australia.

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Carry out your own financial health check

Give your finances a checkup

Asking yourself some serious financial questions could be just what you need to get your money management on track.

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