Benita and Caitlin

Before we started working with Kristina, we really did not have a handle on our finances. We had bills coming out of a number of different accounts, had no planning in place for big expenses or saving, and wasted quite a bit of money on trivialities.

Kristina has helped us to become aware of, and take joy in, basic money management, and to replace chaos and uncertainty with order and transparency.

She is never judgmental and really understands the emotion involved in money habits. We implement her suggestions, are doing a lot more with what we have, and never feel like we’re missing out.

Thank you Kristina; you have helped us immeasurably.


Money has always been a tricky issue for me, but as my 50th birthday approached, I realised that I didn’t want to keep working so hard and having absolutely nothing to show for it. I needed to change my behaviours and beliefs about money, and I finally admitted I needed help.I thought the process would be tough. I expected Kristina to be stern and uncompromising. But something had to change and I was ready for the worst.

I’m 18 months down the road now, and Kristina has been a bright light guiding me along. She’s helped me turn my money-karma around and now I’ve got my bills saved up, I have extra savings and soon I’ll be sorting out investment strategies (me! Thinking about investments!). Working with Kristina has been so easy and completely do-able


Kristina is a remarkable financial coach – down to earth and completely inspirational.Her own incredible story (not to mention her swimming with sharks experiences!) prove that she really understands how to overcome fear and turn problems into opportunities. More than that, her confidence that I could do it too has turned my “it’ll never happen” attitude into a plan of action for making what I thought would be impossible possible. Kristina is a fabulous mentor, master of money, coach and cheer-squad, and I will certainly be calling on her for all my future life goals!

Hannah and Heather

Heather and I have been Owner/Operators of our mobile pet services business just over 4 years now and the business is growing. Having never had our own business before we have managed to stay afloat in a crowded industry. But we have never felt in control of our finances.

We had an accountant and bookkeeper and were happy to hand over responsibility to them. However it began to worry us that we really didn’t understand or know our own business financially.

Until we began to work with Kristina Plimer, ‘The Wealth Tutor’. Kristina broke everything down into manageable steps, she explained everything and then explained again. She made everything relevant and explained how our finances are connected to every part of our business. She took a personal interest in the business and I have been surprised by just how personal her service is to our business and us. She made us understand our finances without making us feel stupid, she has been supportive without being condescending, helpful without being pushy, and is always bright and cheerful to work with. She has provided the training, the explanations, the support and help we needed to be in charge of all things ‘money’ from our personal savings, to managing our business finances, how we develop the business in the future and how to fund our retirement, with a cruise around the Greek Islands being a feature.

She is very professional, very knowledgeable and offers an amazing personal service. We recommend her highly to anyone in need of financial help, personal or business.


I first wen to see Kristina a few months after I started my own Graphic Design business. The money side of my biz was all over the place, and I knew it was time to sort it out with the help of a pro. She helped me figure out how to quote properly, get past my fears around money, implement systems to track and manage my hours, and heaps more.

I also had one big goal that she helped me achieve – make the move to Canada, on a one-year visa, and continue to run my location-independent business from there. I’d always been pretty bad at saving money, so she helped me work out a budget that would get me to Canada. And just over a year after I started working with her, I was on a plane to Canada!


After referring me to Kristina, I have met with her since and found her to be as fabulous as suggested and already have great faith in her abilities. She has already put me at ease and on a path to recovery, both emotionally and financially, and I look forward to continuing with her into the future.


I often get people calling me in floods of tears, threatening bankruptcy or suicide, and I’m not sure in what order. But recently I have put these people in touch with Kristina, who has generously offered to help. And within a week I get a call back from the clients saying, “I don’t know what I was so worried about”. Kristina, your work is so necessary and I’m happy that I have someone to refer these people to for help.