Money Management

When it comes to managing your money or understanding finances, some people just have a knack for it and seem to be able to attract and keep money, right? Wrong!

The problem is that personal financial management – including debt management – is not taught in schools and many people have not had the luck of having good role models in this area during their formative years.

Then there are those who have learnt the fundamentals of money management and may even be able to apply these in times of hardship or debt, but when trying to apply it to a goal such as buying a new car, taking a dream holiday, buying that home, retiring early or working less, they just seem to stumble. Suddenly, an unexpected bill or cost arises and they are right back to square one.

This is where I can help. As a trusted financial coach with real-life experience of turning my financial life around, I have not only learned the fundamentals of good money management, I have changed my own bad spending habits to good saving habits.


From 30 minutes to 2.5 hours, Kristina can tailor a workshop or seminar to suit your needs. Whether it be focused on money management, purchasing property, living the dream lifestyle or business basics each workshop can be edited to meet the needs of your clients.

Want to provide great information and education for your clients? Want your clients to feel empowered to make significant financial changes to their life? I have a workshop designed for you!

In my workshops and seminars I discuss why normal budgets do not work. How to come up with a budget that is designed for you, taking into account your personal values and goals. Making pro-active vs. reactive decisions in regards to your money.  How to tailor a budget for maximum enjoyment without impacting on your long-term goals, and tips, tricks and mind-games to make sure that your new budget will work!

Your clients will also be provided with access to my The Wealth Tutor budget planner tracker, specifically designed the psychology or spending and saving.

Business Basics

Working your fingers to the bone, and not getting the return you hoped for? Want to learn how to become your own CFO?

Do you ever feel like your accountant or bookkeeper is talking gibberish to you? Don’t understand how to read your own P&Ls? Scared of making big financial decisions in your business, like hiring a new employee, without understanding what the financial impact will be on your business?

I am here to help. I have worked with many different business owners in a variety of fields and can teach you the financial aspects of running a business, helping you to get the kind of returns you need. Without the gibberish and jargon that the financially minded use, I will help you to become your own CFO, filled with the confidence to make big financial decisions in your business. After all, no one set-up a business in order to become a slave to it!