Who Is The Wealth Tutor?

Hi I'm Kristina Plimer and I am the Wealth Tutor.

I'm just like you. I know exactly what it's like to be struggling with debts, and unable to manage my money.

I wasn't born into money, I didn't have a fancy education, and I definitely haven't inherritted millions from anyone or won the lotto.

In 2001, I was struggling under the weight of $30,000 of debt, this debt was accruing almost $6,000 a year in interest alone!!

In fact...
I was on the brink of declaring myself bankrupt.

Determined to find another way, I went out and educated myself on money.

I looked at wealth creation, debt reduction and general money management strategies over the period of 2 years as I paid off my debts and turned my financial position around developing the key strategies that I now teach my clients at The Wealth Tutor.

These are the exact strategies I used to pay off my debts within 24 months, allowed me to travel around Africa for an entire year, built up $1.5 Million Dollars worth of investments and has given me the freedom to regularly travel around the world.

Now I'd like to help you become a master of your money too.

If you're just getting started why not check out some of my free financial tools to better understand your current situation.

Budgeting Is Hard.
This Book Makes It Easy.


“Making Your Budget Fly”

  • Stop living week to week
  • Finally own your own home
  • Kickstart your investments
  • and more...

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